July 23, 2024

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BAE Systems Digital Intelligence establishes Space Leadership Team

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BAE Systems Digital Intelligence has announced the establishment of its new integrated Space Leadership Team and business unit.

Above: (left to right) Members of the new Space Leadership team at the Azalea Lab, Guildford:- Ed Stevens, Matthew Angling, Kathryn O’Donnell, Richard Batchelor, Elaine Greaney, Doug Liddle and Elizabeth Seward (not pictured – Tony Holt, Sarah Parker and Markos Trichas).

Courtesy BAE Systems

The team is headed up by BAE Systems Digital Intelligence’s newly appointed Director of Space, Doug Liddle and will bring together experienced senior leaders from across BAE Systems Digital Intelligence and In-Space Missions to advance their space strategy and deliver innovation in space for advantage on Earth.


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Advanced space technology and capability is becoming a core requirement across government, defence and commercial sectors in order to protect citizens, defend nations, predict natural disasters and more. BAE Systems has a long heritage of working in the space sector and over the past two decades has applied its experience in delivering complex defence programmes to help create a secure space domain, developing specialist technologies in waveforms, electronics, antennas and digital signal processing analytics.

In 2021, when BAE Systems acquired In-Space Missions – the company co-founded by Doug Liddle back in 2015 – the aim was to bring together this existing space expertise with In-Space Missions’ capabilities and work together to design, build and operate full satellites.


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In-Space Missions has been a part of BAE Systems Digital Intelligence since it formed in 2022 and the two teams have collaborated closely on Azalea – its programme to launch a cluster of multisensor satellites into low Earth orbit (LEO), with the ability to deliver high-quality information and intelligence back to Earth in real time.


Doug Liddle, Director, Space, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, said: “Now, we are excited to announce the next chapter in our space story: the establishment of our new integrated Space Leadership Team and business unit.”


Made up of experienced leaders from both In-Space Missions and BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, this talented team draws on an impressive array of skills and knowledge, which will collaborate to advance its aim of becoming a space prime by delivering on its Azalea programme, nurturing the wider space ecosystem and fostering the next generation of skills.


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