June 17, 2024

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CFX announces commercial availability of low cost automotive grade SonoS based charge trapping EFlash/MTP technology on 90nm BCD process

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May 20, 2024 — Zhuhai Chuangfei Core Technology Co., Ltd. announced today that its latest developed high-reliability automotive-grade SONOS (Silicon-Oxide-Nitride-Oxide-Silicon) EFlash/MTP technology based on the 90-nanometer BCD (Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS) process has officially entered commercial use. This technological breakthrough signifies a significant step forward in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness for automotive-grade storage solutions.

With the automotive industry’s growing demand for intelligent and electrified vehicles, there is an increasing urgency for high-performance, high-reliability storage technology. Zhuhai Chuangfei Core Technology Co., Ltd.’s SONOS EFlash/MTP technology provides an optimal storage solution for automotive electronic systems with its excellent data retention capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and compatibility with existing manufacturing processes.

Technical Highlights:

  • Additional masks: 1-3 layers.
  • High Reliability: Data retention time of 10 years at 125°C; the technology is optimized for the harsh working environment of automotive applications, ensuring long-term data stability and reliability.
  • Low Cost: Achieving a low-cost solution for 90nm BCD embedded flash technology by adding only two layers of photolithography; small IP area.
  • Few Metal Layers: 1P4M.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to 125°C.
  • Low Power Consumption: Low power consumption for programming/erasing/reading; standby power consumption is less than 1μA.
  • Good Durability: EFlash/MTP technology supports 40,000 programming/erasing cycles, providing flexibility for automotive software updates and data logging.
  • High Compatibility: The technology is compatible with existing semiconductor manufacturing processes, facilitating rapid adoption and technological upgrades on existing production lines.
  • Built-in Testing: Equipped with built-in testing functions; saves testing time and cost.

George said, “In the first half of this year, the company has made breakthrough technological progress. The SONOS low-cost, high-reliability embedded flash technology solution provides an excellent solution for automotive applications. The company will continue to invest in the development of automotive-grade embedded flash and strive to complete the development of 55nm and 40nm processes as soon as possible. We believe that in the near future, we will provide more and better embedded flash solutions for both consumer and automotive products.”

Market Prospects:

Compared with other non-volatile memory solutions on the market, Zhuhai Chuangfei Core Technology Co., Ltd.’s SONOS EFlash/MTP technology has the advantages of low cost, high reliability, and strong data retention capabilities. This technology will be widely used in automotive infotainment systems, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Body Control Modules (BCM), and other automotive electronic applications that require high-reliability data storage.

About Zhuhai Chuangfei Core Technology Co., Ltd.:

Zhuhai Chuangfei Core Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading one-stop storage NVM IP supplier in China. As a leading enterprise with independent intellectual property rights in non-volatile storage IP in China, its products cover OTP/MTP, eFlash, Nor/Nand, EEPROM, and more. The company is headquartered in the Tsinghua Science Park in Zhuhai City, with R&D institutions in Beijing, Chengdu, and Shenyang. The company has strong technical R&D capabilities in circuit design, device optimization, and process integration, holding multiple domestic and international invention patents. The founding team comes from world-class semiconductor companies such as Micron, Spansion, AMD, Intel, and has a successful entrepreneurial experience.


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