June 17, 2024

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Elektrobit debuts open-source OS for safety, forecasts growth in automotive software: Details

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Elektrobit, an automotive software firm, launched its latest product at the recently concluded Beijing Auto Show. The company also outlined its vision for the future of the software-defined vehicle (SDV) and the significant strides it has made in embedding open-source solutions into automotive systems.
Open-source OS for safety
To address these needs, Elektrobit has developed the first Linux OS solution approved for ASIL-B and SIL-2 safety requirements.This solution allows automakers and suppliers to use Linux in safety-critical domains, including advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles (AVs), marking a significant advancement in automotive technology.

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This innovation is particularly significant as it integrates the benefits of open-source software—such as a large developer pool and faster innovation cycles—with the stringent safety and compliance standards of the automotive industry. Elektrobit’s solution is built on Canonical’s Ubuntu distribution, ensuring long-term support and integrity while tailoring it for automotive use cases.
The company said that the solution not only meets the high safety standards required but also offers cost-effective, easy-to-maintain, and secure software, addressing the evolving needs of modern vehicles.
In response to TOI Auto’s inquiry about whether legacy OEMs or emerging startups are more receptive to platforms like this, Elektrobit noted that demand is similar from both groups. However, the speed of adoption will determine who leads the way. Additionally, they highlighted that electric vehicles (EVs), with their greater reliance on software, will likely drive increased demand for such projects.
The central theme of Elektrobit’s future plans is the transition towards SDVs, highlighting the growing complexity and potential of automotive software. According to a Capgemini report referenced by Elektrobit, by 2031, software-based features and services in vehicles are projected to be worth $640 billion. Despite this growth, current projections indicate that only 36% of vehicles will have over-the-air update capabilities by 2026, signaling both a challenge and an opportunity for the industry.
Elektrobit emphasized the increasing importance of safety and security in SDVs, paralleling the expectations consumers have for their personal devices. The company noted that the market now demands robust safety features in vehicles, comparable to those on home networks and smart devices. This shift underscores the necessity for automotive software that is not only advanced but also highly secure and reliable.


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