June 17, 2024

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Eyeris Wins “Automotive Tech Company of the Year” and “Automotive Product of the Year” Awards at AutoTech: Detroit 2024

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and DETROIT, June 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Eyeris, a global leader in in-cabin sensing AI and sensor fusion solutions, has won two AutoTech Awards (formerly known as the Informa Tech Automotive Awards) in the categories of “The Automotive Tech Company of the Year” and “The Automotive Tech Product of the Year” at AutoTech: Detroit 2024. The awards were announced at the AutoTech Awards ceremony on June 4, 2024, with Eyeris Founder and Chief Executive Officer Modar Alaoui receiving the honors.

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Modar Alaoui at 2024 AutoTech Awards

Modar Alaoui, Founder and CEO of Eyeris, holding the “Automotive Tech Company of the Year” and “

Automotive Product of the Year” awards at the 2024 AutoTech Awards in Detroit.

In addition to these awards, Eyeris reached a significant milestone this year with its 10th consecutive nomination as a finalist at AutoTech: Detroit, marking a journey that began with its first nomination as a finalist in 2015. This achievement further solidifies Eyeris’ position as the world’s most awarded automotive in-cabin sensing AI company.

The prestigious title of “Automotive Tech Company of the Year” celebrates Eyeris’ relentless pursuit of excellence in advancing in-cabin sensing AI, prioritizing human-centric AI and ambient intelligence for both safety and comfort.

Equally significant, the “Automotive Tech Product of the Year” award honors Eyeris’ in-cabin monocular 3D sensing AI for whole-cabin monitoring. Addressing the industry-wide lack of depth-aware interior sensing data, Eyeris’ advanced computer vision AI models regress 3D data from any 2D image sensor, including the latest 5MP RGBIR sensors, thereby bypassing the need for ToF (Time of Flight), stereo cameras, or other 3D sensors. Additionally, the in-cabin 3D sensing software solution supports flexible AI-enabled processors and chips, including the latest image sensor processors (ISPs), as previously announced, while maintaining computational efficiency comparable to 2D outputs.

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Eyeris’ in-cabin 3D sensing AI models unlock a multitude of novel applications beyond conventional driver and occupant monitoring. These new AI models include breakthrough capabilities such as 3D scene reconstruction both pre- and post-crash, seamless integration with ADAS and crash systems, including depth-aware airbag deployment, and simplified insurance claims and processes through real-time data exchange.

A production reference design featuring the now award-winning in-cabin monocular 3D sensing technology was unveiled and demonstrated at CES 2024 earlier this year. This solution validates the effectiveness and innovation of Eyeris’ technology in shaping the future of automotive AI by lowering 3D sensing costs, reducing time to market, and minimizing OEM and tier 1 integration risks.

“We are thrilled to receive two of the most important AutoTech awards this year,” expressed Modar Alaoui, Founder and CEO of Eyeris. “This momentous achievement underscores our genuine and longstanding commitment to innovation and our relentless pursuit of excellence in human-centric, in-cabin sensing AI. It’s a testament to the hard work and commitment of every member of our team, who unequivocally deserves this recognition,” added Alaoui.

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Dave Zoia, Senior Director of Content at Wards Intelligence, commented, “Eyeris impressed our judges in a number of ways. Its breakthrough 3D sensing technology and AI innovation puts the developer on firm footing in the all-important and still-emerging area of the Digital Cockpit. Its product portfolio is highly versatile and fits both personal- and fleet-vehicle applications. The company’s focus on improving safety and the customer experience at a lower cost point is spot on with the needs of the industry as it pursues L2+ and beyond autonomy. And its proven ability to work with SoC providers will be an increasingly critical asset as automakers continue the transition to the software-defined vehicle. This award marks the culmination of a decade of AutoTech nominations and awards for Eyeris. We look forward to seeing what’s next.”

Zoia further added, “Eyeris’ Automotive Product of the Year winning AI-powered cabin sensing technology checks all the boxes. It has the potential to increase safety and provide a better user experience for vehicle occupants, help advance driving automation and meet regulatory requirements – all while keeping a lid on costs and limiting the amount of compute power required. In the industry’s march toward software-driven, autonomous, and connected vehicles, Eyeris looks well positioned to play a key role with its unique cabin-sensing system.”

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Roger Lanctot, CEO and founder of Strategia Now Consulting, remarked, “Congrats to Eyeris for its multi-award win with its monocular 3D sensing AI and its potential to transform pre- and post-crash assessment, revolutionize incident reconstruction, and enhance insurance claims processes. There is a lot more to depth-aware cabin monitoring solutions than meets the eye, beyond immediate regulatory requirements.”

Kevin Mak, Principal Analyst for Automotive Market Analysis at TechInsights, said, “Eyeris’ innovative AI software transforms conventional 2D cameras into 3D perception systems, significantly enhancing the capabilities of driver monitoring systems while maintaining cost-efficiency and reducing complexity.” He added, “The Eyeris 3D perception solution, leveraging an extensive dataset and sophisticated AI training, offers a groundbreaking approach to whole-cabin monitoring, addressing critical safety requirements and setting a new standard in the automotive industry.”

Eyeris’ in-cabin sensing AI and sensor fusion solutions have been licensed to Ford, Marelli, Toyota, Honda, Panasonic, Bosch, Veoneer, Jaguar Land Rover, Mitsubishi Motors, BHTC, among many other automakers and Tier 1 suppliers.

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About Eyeris

Headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., along with its R&D lab, Eyeris is a world leader in vision-based artificial intelligence (AI) software for automotive in-cabin sensing, and a pioneer of the world’s first in-cabin monocular 3D sensing AI and sensor fusion AI solutions. Eyeris is a multi-award winner of several awards at the AutoSens Awards and AutoTech Awards (formerly known as the Informa Tech Automotive Awards) for the last ten years, including “Automotive Tech Company of the Year,” “Automotive Tech Product of the Year,” “Best Cockpit of Future Technology,” “Most Innovative In-Cabin Perception Application,” “Best Automotive Safety System,” and “Best Product for Driver and Occupants Monitoring AI.” Eyeris holds the world’s largest naturalistic in-cabin dataset for vehicle interior monitoring solutions. Visit www.eyeris.ai.

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