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Space companies in luxembourg | Deloitte Luxembourg

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adwaïsEO S.A.

Data collection, storage and management, long-term archiving, data hub, (pre-)proccessing, access and distribution (incl. portals), with focus on data security 

Aistech Space

Satellite developmemt, data management 


Arspectra designs modular Augmented Reality hardware and software platforms, delivering the most performant and adapted solutions to its partners and customers. From lightweight Augmented Reality glasses for visualization and communication, up to high-performance navigation platforms, Arspectra’s partners can select from various available solutions, to fully customizable developments. 

ArViCom S.à.r.l.

ArViCom Sarl develops cellular and satellite-based communication technologies and services into mobile Augmented Reality (AR) platforms in order to enable global remote collaboration based on AR visuals and interaction. 

Blackswan Space

Blackswan Space provides autonomy solutions for satellite mission integrators and operators to eliminate risks and enable new capabilities. 


CGI delivers secure, mission-critical space systems including data processing and exploitation, satellite communications, orbit determination, command and control, ground segment engineering, navigation and situational awareness. 

Cybercultus S.A.

Cybercultus focuses on providing the entertainment, cultural heritage and sustainable tourism sectors with innovative digital communication and content solutions 

Databourg Systems S.à r.l.-S

Databourg Systems is a start-up company conceived from innovative technology developed at the University of Luxembourg for environmental monitoring using satellite networks. Databourg’s mission is to provide the best rainfall intelligence to business and institutional users and to be recognized as “The Rain Company”. 

EarthLab Luxembourg S.A.

The Company develops a highly flexible and data centric platform that allows to deal with the landscape of global risks 


Guidance and advisory in the management of operational risks, information security, business continuity, IT services and IT outsourcing 


GlobeEye specialises in the analysis of satellite and other remote sensing data to derive information for businesses and financial institutions, and aims at fostering sustainable growth. It leverages the technological frontier in satellite data, artificial intelligence, and big data to derive timely, accurate, actionable insights. 

GomSpace Luxembourg S.à r.l.

The Company is developing a centre for operations in Luxembourg as a service for nanosatellite (mega)-constellations on behalf of customers of the GomSpace Group 

GovSat S.A.

Providing secure, reliable and accessible satellite communication services for governments 

Hydrosat S.à r.l.

HQ and R&D moved to Lux – This is a company specializing in data analytics using thermal infrared satellite imagery 


IBISA (Inclusive Blockchain Insurance Using Space Assets) enables the next generation of insurance for agriculture, a B2B platform for risk-sharing with low fees, no claims thanks to proactive and regular assessment- and fast pay-outs. The distribution model, Blockchain and Satellite EO technologies enable, for the first time, profitable crop protection products and affordable for farmers. 

Imagination Factory Lux S.à.r.l.

The Company has developed a platform called U learning which enables the collaboration between remote students and classrooms using a dedicated satellite layer which takes care of seamless content synchronization and live experience management 


ICEYE delivers unmatched persistent monitoring capabilities for any location on earth. Owning the world’s largest syntheticaperture radar constellation, the company enables objective, data-driven decisions for its customers in sectors such as insurance, natural catastrophe response and recovery, security, maritime monitoring and finance. 

In-Space Services S.à.r.l.

In-Space Services aims to introduce the space technology to support primary and most important agriculture activities. Earth Observations EO data will be used examine the quality and composition of the soil. This information will help farmers to reduce the amount of the fertilizer, bringing economic and environmental advantages. 

InTech SA

InTech is a POST Luxembourg Group subsidiary specialized in IT Consulting and Digital Application Development. InTech designs and implements software solutions combining specific developments and integration of generic components and combines skills of project management, functional and technical architectural consulting, technical expertise and development. 


INTEGRASYS is a software development and engineering company specialized in satellite network design, deployment, maintenance, and interference mitigation tools for monitoring critical satellite infrastructure in the commercial and defence fields. 

itrust consulting

itrust consulting s.à r.l., a 10-years-old, recognised actor in Luxembourg’s and Europe’s Information Security field, consults its customers coming from public, financial, and private sector to protect their information against divulgation, manipulations and unavailability 


Kleos Space has two core business areas: Global-Activity Based Intelligence as a Service (G-ABI Mission)  and In-Space Manufacturing technology (ISM). They operate satellites that generate unique, Activity-Based Intelligence and sell Data as a Service (DaaS) internationally via subscription to government agencies, the intelligence community, end users and/or businesses interested in locating threats, assets or targets 

Luxsense geodata S.à r.l.

Main objective of the Company is to use innovative techniques from earth observation in research projects and to render services for the acquisition of reliable geodata 

Mission Space

Mission Space develops a satellite-based real-time nowcast system for one of the highest priority natural hazards – space weather. With sensors launched in LEO, Mission Space delivers a user-oriented decision support tool with forecasts and radiation alerts, solving the problem of data deficit and lack of warning tools to mitigate the effects of the sun’s activity. 

NorthStar Earth & Space

NorthStar’s goal is to vastly improve sustainability by creating a unique set of information services, Space Information & Intelligence (Si2) and Earth Information & Intelligence (Ei2), that will empower humanity to preserve our critical Space and Earth environments. 

OQ Technology

OQ TECHNOLOGY provides the world’s first universal “plug & play” Internet of Things device. Our business proposition is to use low-cost satellite infrastructure to connect sensors, devices and measurement units in remote and sparsely connected areas, where there is no cellular network or WiFi 


Orbitare is a space company addressing the needs of people. We identify projects of large social impact which can only be made possible with the use of Space and make them happen by working on the three pillars of market, funding, and development. Spaceloop is our first large project, aiming at changing the market of personal satellite communications by providing universal access to IP messaging connectivity to keep people always safe and connected to those who matter to them. 


Picterra, a Swiss company, provides a geospatial cloud-based-platform specially designed for training deep learning based detectors, quickly and securely. 


All exporters of sensitive items (in Space vertical and other industries) face the challenge to determine the need to apply for and be granted a Governmental license when exporting, importing, transiting, brokering or transferring controlled goods, software and technology. It is their responsibility to obtain the license before proceeding, and an illegal (in the sense of, made without required license) put them at risk of heavy administrative and/or criminal sanctions, and civil liability. 

RHEA System Luxembourg SA

RHEA Group is a professional engineering company providing tailored engineering solutions, system development and security services for mainly space, government and defence organizations. We have built a reputation as a trusted partner developing solutions that lead to sustainable added value for our customers. For 30 years our staff have been working in the space, security and system engineering sectors, contributing to the development of solutions to the most complex systems and missions. We focus on end-to-end services in space and cybersecurity and deliver the highest quality in secure design development, testing, roll-out, training, operations, and maintenance for business critical systems. 

RSS-Hydro S.à r.l.-S

R&D in remote sensing applications in flooding and hydrodynamics 

Space 4 environment

space4environment is an independently owned SME focusing on adding the environmental dimension to Earth Observation in the land domain, respectively “using space data to provide space for the environment” as expressed in the company’s motto 

Spacety Luxembourg SA

Spacety is a global NewSpace company with 21 satellites launched and operated since founded in 2016 and more on the launchpad. It is a next-generation low-cost Earth observation data and service provider with its SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) satellite constellation and innovative data platform. It also provides fast, frequent, flexible,and low-cost space missions to support science experiments, Earth observation, and in-orbit demonstrations and/or validations of space technologies, products, or space systems. 

SPARC Industries Sarl

Development of satellite propulsion system and EP simulation software. 


Spire is a next generation data and predictive analytics company that collects data from space to solve problems on Earth. Spire identifies, tracks and predicts the movement of the world’s resources and weather systems 


WASDI is a cutting-edge EO analytics platform offering services to develop and deploy Earth Observation (EO) applications, designed to extract value-added information, Apps are developed and distributed by EO-experts and decision-makers can run these apps either from a user-friendly interface or an API, fulfilling real-world business needs. 


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